Record Breaking Custom Gaming PCs

We’ve long been a bunch of nerds that love to tweak things and make them better than they should be. As a result, we recently decided to put our new build to the test and after a quick benchmark run on Time Spy, the defacto benchmark tool for bragging rights, guess what? – we’re No.1!

This is a standard, air cooled, pc that runs pretty much silent, is reasonably priced and is the config that we ship to customers. This is not a water cooled or LN2 cooled franken rig, it’s a standard PC, built and tweaked at Benchmark Builds.

We’re sure our crown will be taken soon enough by an elite overclocker with a tank of liquid nitrogen but for now, we have the fastest 7800X3D / RTX4070 recorded on Time Spy… in the world. In anycase, we’re the first to beat the 18000 benchmark and that can never be taken from us!

Not Just a Gaming PC

We’ve built this Custom PC specifically for gaming but that’s not to say that’s all it can do. It’s also incredibly good at other tasks too. Whether you’re a YouTube creator, a Twitch streamer or Photoshop wiz, we can spec and build a PC that’s perfect for you. 

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