Zwift X – Nvidia GeForce 3050 & Intel 12100F (4.3Ghz)

Introducing the Zwift X PC – Your Ultimate Zwifting Companion! This PC is designed for gamers and Zwifters who demand smooth gameplay, stunning visuals, and lightning-fast load times. Whether you’re exploring open worlds, conquering competitive titles, or immersing yourself in the latest blockbuster releases, the Zwift X PC delivers the performance you need to dominate your gaming adventures. With its robust hardware and snappy SSD, the Zwift X PC ensures that you can boot up your favourite games in a flash.

It’s time to elevate your gaming experience, and our Zwift X PC is here to make it happen.

Key components of this build:

Intel 12100F

Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050


Mini ITX Motherboard

550W Power supply


Lian Li Q58X3 Mini-ITX

Our custom PC with the above-specified components offers several benefits for running the Zwift bike experience:

Optimized Performance: The Intel Core i3-12100 F processor and 16GB of DDR4 3600MHz RAM provide the necessary processing power and memory to run Zwift smoothly, ensuring a lag-free and immersive experience. You’ll experience high frame rates and excellent graphics quality, enhancing your Zwift biking experience.

High-Quality Graphics: The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 8GB Dual GPU delivers excellent graphics performance. It enables you to enjoy Zwift in high detail and with realistic visuals.

Compact Form Factor: The Mini ITX motherboard and compact components make for a space-efficient and portable system. This is ideal for those with limited space or those who want a sleek and compact gaming setup.

Fast Storage: The M.2 PCIe 500GB SSD provides fast data and storage access, reducing load times and ensuring that you can get into the game quickly, which is crucial for a seamless Zwift experience.

Reliable Power Supply: The 550W power supply is more than sufficient for the components in this configuration. It provides a stable and reliable power source, ensuring your PC operates consistently without the risk of power-related issues during your Zwift sessions.

Our Zwift X PC offers the performance and customization options needed to run Zwift effectively, providing a high-quality and enjoyable biking experience with the potential for future upgrades.